Everybody with access to the internet is only a click away from a myriad of free health information on the web. So why another website on nutrition?

The answer to this question starts with a flashback to the 80’s, when it was recommended that we should swop our butter for margarine to keep our hearts in pumping condition. Lucky for us, nutrition is constantly changing and evolving. Today it is a known fact that the trans fatty acids that resulted from the hydrogenation process used to produce margarine, in fact contributed to the development of heart disease, rather than helping to prevent it! Sadly, this recommendation was made insistently, even though anyone with Chemistry 1 at university level could make the conclusion – which leaves the door open for a few tough questions. And that is only one much debated health topic…

It is evident that on the nutrition front, yesterday’s recommendation might be tomorrow’s warning. And anyone taking his or her health seriously has good reason to ask questions: Who and what should I believe today? What is really healthy and what not? Why? And perhaps most importantly, why should I believe what you have to say about the topic?

This website is the result of many years of asking tough questions on nutrition and health. It is the building blocks and ongoing steps on a journey to a better understanding of food, nutrition and health.

I want to invite you to join me on this journey – and learn more about eating “better” and getting it right in the confusing world we live in.

Mariza van Zyl B.Sc. Diet (US) RD (SA)

Qualifications: B.Sc. Dietetics, obtained from the University of Stellenbosch.
Registered with the South African Health Professions Council. Member of the Association for Dieticians of South Africa. Member of SASPEN.
Additional Qualifications: Specialist Kinesiologist.
Clinical Medical Nutrition Special Interests: metabolic syndrome, neuro- nutrition, obesity, diabetes, public nutrition, nutrition for infants and children , Nutrigenomics, Functional Medicine and – Nutrition.
Food Related Special Interest: product development, product evaluation, nutritional journalism and advocacy.

Practice Contact Details: +27 21 8728423