Increasingly, it is becoming evident that singular nutritional recommendations that focus on predominantly one aspect of a food such as low fat or low GI, is NO guarantee that you are making a choice for better nutrition, health and wellness.

The BetterEat™ FOOD and PRODUCT GUIDE soon to come will provide a concise selection foods that may be included as part of the BetterEat™ approach to food and nutrition.

Supported by more than 20 years of clinical and industry food and nutrition experience, Mariza van Zyl RD has developed the BetterEat™ FOOD INDEX (BE-Index).
Products are selected and recommended on the basis of not a single factor such as fat but according to the compliment of nutrition and health attributes.

Instead of highlighting one aspect – such as LOW FAT or LOW GI, products are selected on the merit of how one will be able to use it as part of a complete nutrition approach that is suitable for people with various conditions including diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

In addition to issues such as sustainability, local production and the use of additives and preservatives are also considered.

Do you have a product in mind that is ‘better’?

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BetterEat Quick and Easy Three Bean Salad