Allergies may affect a child’s behaviour.

Behaviour problems often coexist with allergies. Allergies can result in children being over or under responsive to sensory stimulation, particularly sound and touch. The solution to some behaviour problems is identifying and eliminating potential food allergens, and environmental irritants e.g. mould. Once these have been identified and removed, symptoms associated with behavioural problems due to […]

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Food may affect a child’s behaviour

Diet advice may be extremely confusing regarding food and behaviour. It is possible to take a step by step approach. Food is important to ensure that children are well nourished and to allow them to develop and grow optimally. Food may also affect children’s behaviour – and some children may be more sensitive to these […]

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Is your child a difficult picky eater?

Dealing with a picky eater can be difficult. Rule out “oral defensiveness” for your own sanity. Some children with behaviour problems may be over sensitive to tactile sensations – also called “oral defensiveness”. The texture and consistency of mashed potato, rice pudding, apple sauce or a burger patty may be intolerable to a child with […]

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