Are you battling to lose weight, suffer from insulin resistance or have diabetes?

One of the simplest strategies to implement to help treat these conditions, is to reduce and exclude concentrated sources of refined carbohydrates.

Most types of commercial bread (including the so called LOW GI options, instant breakfast cereals, refined starches such as white rice) are classified as refined carbohydrate rich foods.

However, for most people, it can be quite a challenge to exclude these foods and replace them with alternatives. Busy lifestyles often do not allow us the luxury of eating home baked bread made with stone ground flour and cost issues naturally also play a role.

The FLOURLESS Chick Pea and Coconut 2 minute Bread is easy to make and requires no special equipment other than a microwave.

In addition to containing almost zero carbohydrates, it is tasty, very satiating and the ingredients have been selected to provide nutrients that may actively promote weight loss – but also improve overall healthfulness of your diet.

Flourless 2 Minute Chick Pea and Coconut Bread