The most difficult part of making this bread is getting the flaxseeds ground. Once you’ve sorted out his issue – using either a handheld mortar and pessle or food mill, it takes only 2 minutes to prepare this bread or buy ready made flax seed meal.

10 reasons to include this bread in your diet often

1. It contains more fibre than 1/2 loaf of wholewheat bread – and a large percentage of this fibre is more ‘soluable’ meaning it will be beneficial for your overall health including cholesterol levels and digestive system imbalances.
2. It is rich in essential fatty acids that’s vital for cellular health. Essential fats influences most medical conditions ranging from high blood sugar and cholesterol, brain function and depression, hormonal and immune function imbalance and inflammatory conditions such as arthrites.
3. It is rich in flax ligands that help normalise oestrogen metabolism in women and men.
4. It is high in protein – which mean that it is filling and satisfying.
5. It contains very little carbohydrates. This is ideal for people who have to follow a lower carb diet plan e.g. people with diabetes, insulin resistance and weight issues.
6. It’s great toasted for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a avo, a slice of cheese, smearing of butter and a little honey or with a bowl of vegetable soup.
7. It makes it easier for most people to ‘ trial’ how they will respond to a ‘bread free’ diet regime for weight loss, blood sugar control and digestive system problems.
8. It’s wheat and gluten free.
9. It’s a good source of nuts/seeds for older people with chewing difficulties and so nutritious that it is indeed a meal on it’s own!
10. It’s really tasty!

2 Minute BetterEatâ„¢ Bread