When you enjoy a cup of coffee – think both quality and quantity – it could affect your heart and even the strength of your bones.

Research has shown that caffeine might contribute to development of heart disease if taken in large dosages. More than 5 cups of coffee a day is not recommended. It is also recommended to  rather drink filter coffee than boiled/percolated coffee.

Other sources of caffeine such as cola drinks and certain “energy” drinks should also always be consumed in moderation – if at all!

Certain individuals may also have a genetic predisposition for increased risk of osteoporosis when coffee intake is above 300 mg per day. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine this susceptibility other than by genetic testing.

Rather be safe than sorry and use coffee the way it should be used:  not as a meal replacement or constant ‘pick-me-up’ but rather a delicatessen that should be savoured and enjoyed in moderation.