Fresh herbs can transform a simple dish  into a special meal.

Herbs contain phyto-nutrients like chlorophyll and even the vitamin Folic Acid and including them will improve the nutrient density of your diet.

Many people do not use herbs, because they seem unfamiliar and are uncertain about what to use.

Use our simple guide to transform you everyday foods

Herbs – what to use with what…

– Basil goes well with tomato and cheese – preferably fresh – not cooked
– Parsley can be chopped and served with potato salad and other starch based salads as well as with mince, fish, chicken and lemon and vinaigrette
– Coriander goes well with stir fry and Thai dishes and creamy soups or clear soups with a hint of chili or a mustard flavour
– Rosemary compliments chicken and potato and lamb dishes
– Rocket compliments salads and cheese
– Garden mint with yogurt based cold sauces or in mint sauce served with lamb is refreshing
– Oregano with any tomato based dishes makes for an interesting change
– Marjoram with tomato based dishes and roasted vegetable and peppers
– Thyme compliments potatoes, mince, chicken and stews and may be sprinkled on baked potatoes
– Fennel compliments fish, yoghurt and creamy sauces as well as asparagus, cheese or salads with tuna

Experiment with herbs to find out what works for you and try to use fresh herbs everyday.

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Herbs – what to use with what