A low fat diet may help some people to reduce cholesterol in the blood, but it can not be seen as the optimum treatment for the risk associated with imbalance in blood cholesterol levels.

An optimum diet for high cholesterol will vary, depending on the individual’s genetic make-up, metabolic capacity and co-morbid conditions including e.g. diabetes. Some individuals need to eat a low fat diet and others a moderate fat diet. Some may benefit from higher levels of omega 3, folic acid or lower levels of salt. Some may need to reduce carbohydrate foods whilst others may need to reduce the total amount of fat they eat and also make adjustments to the types of fats they eat.

It is not a standard “LOW fat” or “less than x % fat” diet, but a diet that takes into account the other dietary factors that play a role in lowering cholesterol and physical factors that will influence development of heart disease.