Millions of people worldwide have insulin resistance – many without knowing it.

It is estimated that in America alone 50 million people have insulin resistance. In South Africa accurate data is unavailable. However, research shows that 50% of women and 30% of men are overweight, which is indicative of a high prevalence of insulin resistance.

Did you know that more people are affected by insulin resistance and insulin resistance /metabolic syndrome in the world than by HIV?
80 % of people that are overweight are insulin resistant?

Treatment of insulin resistance often requires more than merely restriction of carbohydrate rich foods to lower insulin levels. Intensive nutritional treatment may be required to address underlying promotors of insulin resistance. Targeted therapeutic nutritional strategies may include but would not be limited to adjustments to the type of fats a person may eat, the use of phyto-nutrients that can alter metabolic processes and functions and even modification of the gut micro biome by means of targeted probiotic supplementation.