Modern diets are mostly Magnesium deficient…affecting the body in many ways.

Most people are aware of the importance of calcium. Few are aware of the importance of it’s twin – Magnesium.
Magnesium is found in high concentrations in the ‘ germ’ of plant foods – i.e. wheat germ, corn kernel, nuts and seeds.
Production and processing of these foods results in major losses. This renders a diet that rely on foods such as plant bread, instant and quick cooking cereal and prepared foods relatively poor in terms of magnesium content.
Magnesium plays an important role in prevention and treatment of e.g. depression, sleep disorders, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, learning disabilities to name but a few. Yet, is is seldom precribed and often supplement formulations do not provide an optimum mix.
Making some minor dietary changes will already improve your magnesium status:
1. Use stone ground flour to bake bread.
2. Opt for stone ground maize meal and rolled oats.
3. Include at least 30 – 50 g of nuts daily.
4. Use seeds in salads and to snack on as often as possible.
5. Fortify biscuits and rusks, deserts, cookies and other baked goods with nuts and seeds.
6. Use organic peanut butter or peanut butter without stabiliser and choose various nut butters to enjoy instead of peanut butter from time to time.
Try the ‘MAGNESIUM – BOOSTER’ seed bread. (Search ‘Bread’ on our site – the recipe is the same as this bread also helps balance hormonal metabolism by means of providing a concentrated source of minerals and essential fatty acids).