An overweight child, or a child with a tendency to carry excess weight around the waist – may be at risk of being INSULIN RESISTANT!

In South Africa, about one in three children are overweight!

80 % of individuals that are overweight are insulin resistant.

Children with Insulin Resistance have a very good chance of getting diabetes within 2 years of being diagnosed with insulin resistance if it is not treated successfully.

Insulin Resistance in children (as with adults) is also associated with an increased incidence (the chance of “getting” something) of heart disease, stroke or being overweight later in life.

When is a child at risk of developing or having Insulin Resistance?

-Any child or teenager who is overweight especially if they carry excess weight around their stomach, is at risk of developing or having insulin resistance.
-Any person who has a parent or sibling with type 2 Diabetes.

Is your child or teenager overweight or not?

Body mass Index is one way of assessing whether or not a child is overweight and therefore at risk of developing or having insulin resistance. Use the BODY MASS INDEX CALCULATOR in Health Tools to obtain more information.

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