Diagnosing overweight or obesity is about more than just a reading on a bathroom scale.

Individual parameters like height, age, gender (male or female), levels of activity (whether you exercise or not), and genetic factors have to be taken into account.

Where we carry our excess fat in our body is as important as how much excess we carry.

Excess weight around the waist, stomach and upper body is a bigger health concern than excess fat around the hips and thighs.

Traditionally, females tend to accumulate excess body fat around their hips and thighs. Modern living seems to have changed this and many females carry excess fat around the stomach and upper body area. Excess fat, no matter where it is, is a health concern to a greater or lesser degree.

Risk factors associated with excess body fat/obesity
• Heart disease
• Hypertension
• High cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Chronic tiredness
• Breathlessness and breathing problems
• Joint problems
• Back problems
• Arthritis
• Depression
• Sleeping problems
• Menstrual disorders in women

Use the BETTER EAT Body Mass Index Calculator and Waist Circumference Monitor to screen whether or not you are overweight or obese

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