Three simple steps to better chocolate choices – be NUTRITION wise…

ONLY have real chocolate!

Why? Real chocolate contains valuable nutrients as opposed to toffees, hard boiled sweets or jelly type sweets that contains mostly sugar!

1. Real chocolate – especially the darker, higher cocoa percentage chocolate can make you really feel good. It contains nutritious compounds like theobromine and other nutrients which seem to work together to have a feel good, mood uplifting effect in the brain.

2. Real chocolate contains minerals such as magnesium that are important for optimal cell functioning. In other words, when choosing good quality chocolate, you may enjoy it MORE (because of the brain chemistry) and your body may be able to metabolise it better (because it contains not only sugar energy – but other nutrients such as magnesium) than cheaper alternatives.

3. Because this sweet treat contains more than just sugar, the taste buds and brain are likely to register real delight – not just sweetness. This delight is further enhanced by the mouth feel of REAL chocolate. Cheaper brands of chocolate and chocolate coatings often leave a ‘fatty film’ on your tongue rather than providing a ‘melt in the mouth’ sensation.

Good quality chocolate can and should be part of a ‘healthy diet’- for children, adults and even people with diabetes and blood sugar problems. It should replace cheap sweets and snacks that encourage people to eat too much – simply because they never feel real satisfaction!

How do I know if it’s good quality from a nutritional point of view?

Three simple steps to better chocolate choices – be NUTRITION wise…


1. Plain dark or milk chocolate or chocolate with nuts.
2. Expensive chocolate – to discourage one eating LARGE amounts
3. Chocolate that lists COCOA BUTTER and COCOA MASS within the first 4 ingredients.

Our better chocolate choices are:

Lindt (plain – not those with fillings)
Belgian Chocolate
Cadbury Bournville and Plain (not with fillings other than nuts)
Swiss Chocolate (e.g. Toblerone)
Woolworth’s Organic Chocolates

You may have chocolates – without feeling guilty – when you choose GOOD quality chocolates, without going overboard. Simply because a small serving may be equivalent to as little as 1 – 2 teaspoons of sugar in a cup of tea and a smearing of butter on a piece of toast.

Some people may find it difficult to stick to a small serving (despite the price) and they may rather then buy smaller portions e.g. Woolworth’s Winnie the Pooh milk chocolate (real Belgian chocolate) or Cadbury’s strings (two blocks) or a chocolate that’s portioned in a box e.g. Lint Thins.

Remember – a chocolate snob will rather have a taste of the real thing and go without if that is not available!

Click on link below and read more on how to make chocolate part of a healthy diet.

Chocolate in perspective