Indeed, an expanding waistline is much more than a cosmetic issue!

The waist circumference is a simple, but very powerful and effective evaluation measure used to screen individuals to determine whether or not they are overweight.
Waist circumference is also used to determine whether the way excess weight is carried on the body, indicates insulin resistance. It also shows risk. In other words it indicates whether or not excess weight is going to contribute to development of diseases like heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.
The increased risk for disease/health conditions is obviously additional to the fact that excess weight makes people feel unhappy and uncomfortable.
Fat cells are not all equal – some produce chemicals that can make you ill

The fat cell of concern here are not those found in certain foods – but those around your waist…

Fat cells around the waist are different to those around the thighs; they literally have a life of their own. They can make one ill, producing hormones and other chemical substances that contribute to development of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other conditions associated with metabolic disorder or insulin resistance syndrome.

The combination of increased waist size (and the possibility of insulin resistance) and 2 or more of the following conditions, could result in the diagnosis of METABOLIC SYNDROME or insulin resistance syndrome:

– Overweight
– High Blood pressure
– Type 2 Diabetes
– High cholesterol
– Heart disease
Use the Waist Circumference Indicator (under Health Tools) to calculate your risk

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