The French eat, and drink. Lots of wine. Lots of butter. Lots of cheese.
Yet they have low rates of heart disease despite high intake of saturated fat.
This is called the French Paradox
This phenomenon was originally attributed to consumption of red wine and its major constituent resveratrol. However, recent studies have revealed the limitations of this link outside France. These observations indicate that consumption of red wine alone cannot explain the paradox and perhaps some other constituents of the typical French diet could be responsible for reduced cardiovascular mortality.
Researchers investigating this matter proposed that perhaps the answer lies with the cheese consumption. It is a newly discovered fact that cheese – especially of moulded varieties like Camembert, brie and BLUE CHEESE and Roquefort changes the way our bodies deal with fat after meals. It also reduces blood pressure and inflammation – which lies at the heart of the development of conditions such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

Saturated Fat and Heart Health Risk