The extent to which people are affected by the current obesity/diabetes/insulin resistance epidemic is a staggering 50 % of the entire population. In other words, today, every second person is likely to be overweight, will develop diabetes, and may already have insulin resistance or high blood cholesterol!
That said, when YOU are the person battling with these conditions, you may be less interested in the statistics and more interested in the question: What can I do to stem the progression of these conditions to full blown disease? How can I lose this weight that seems to be ‘stuck’ to my body.


Researcher from California showed that, although the mechanisms are yet unclear, grapefruit will aid weight loss, reduce blood fat levels and reduce insulin levels AND improve insulin resistance.
Researchers from the University of Arizona showed that blood pressure and subsequent risk for heart disease also responded to daily inclusion of grapefruit. Results from a study performed at Vanderbilt University showed that a significant reduction in body fat percentage (7%), waist circumference and both belly fat (ANDROID FAT DISTRIBUTION) and upper – thigh fat (Gynoid fat distribution) could be achieved with daily consumption of grapefruit.

What you may want to try:

If you have a lot of weight to lose, follow the lead of these scientist and have either a half of a grapefruit or 100 ml PURE grapefruit juice and 100 ml water before each meal.
Fresh grapefruit has been shown to exert the most potent affect and hence should be your first choice. Combine this with a BetterEat Weight Loss Strategy for best effect.

If you have progressed on a journey to eating better and have settled into a pattern of making better food choices, it will be sufficient to start your day with grapefruit.

In addition to the potent weight and metabolic effects illustrated in the above mentioned studies, you will benefit from additional medicinal properties associated with grapefruit.

GRAPEFRUIT contains a very potent anti-oxidant NARINGENIN which gives grapefruit its bitter taste. This flavonoid is also commended for its antioxidant, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory immune system modulating properties in addition to its carbohydrate metabolism promoting properties.

Conditions that may benefit from nutritional treatment with grapefruit:
• Uncontrolled diabetes
• Uncontrolled hunger due to insulin resistance
• Inability to lose weight due to metabolic disorders such as diabetes, insulin resistance etc

Try this:

Remove carbohydrate dense foods (Starches, sugar including foods labelled LOW GI, but not fruit and vegetables) from the diet for a period and include ½ grapefruit before each meal. Monitor blood sugar levels carefully.