You may be feeding your family ‘cancer’ – if you don’t choose the right meat options!

It is not the meat itself – but the way animals are raised that seem to have a great effect on human health and diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

There are few things more enjoyed by most people in South Africa – than meat. All across our cultural landscape, meat forms the basis of meals for feasts and celebrations.

Anyone who has been ordered by a doctor or even dietician or other institutions to reduce the amount of red meat they eat, will know just how deprived they feel when even the thought of a juicy piece of meat or a well marinated chop is no longer permitted – supposedly for health reasons….We also feel deprived when meat becomes too expensive to afford…

You may choose to believe those making blanket statements about e.g red meat being bad or you may choose to take into account all the facts. People that give advice that one should exclude red meat, often do so for the wrong reasons. Rather, one should be more selective about the type of meat one chooses to eat. Yes, the more ‘natural’ products – like free range and organic beef and mutton are more expensive – but it is superior to cheap, buy in bulk, mass produced meat that is ‘devoured’ – not savoured. One should, for health reasons rather aim to have less meat – but better quality, to help protect oneself and children from the cancer and disease epidemics of our modern day.

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