Being overweight is not simply an issue about looking good, but is a serious health issue.

Indeed, even a matter of life or death! If you don’t lose it – it will kill you!

This century may well be associated with technological advancement well beyond the imagination of people born in the previous century, but is also a new era in terms of human health. For the first time in the history of the world, there are more overweight people than underweight people. That means the rate of malnourishment in the world is out of control, since both being overweight and underweight are conditions of malnourishment. In addition, and as importantly, health organisations around the world are for the first time starting to understand that overweight is a bigger threat to humankind than infectious diseases. Yes – TB, malaria, flu and other infectious diseases will have less of an impact on world health in the next century than being overweight will.

What is happening in South Africa?
In 1998, South African stats showed that:

50 % of South African women were overweight
30 % of South African men were overweight
30 % of South African children under 18 were overweight

In line with world trends, this is bound to have changed and it’s likely that there are more overweight people in South Africa now than there were almost 10 years ago.

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